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Evaluation of electrode degradation and projection weld strength in the joining of steel nuts to galvanized advanced high strength steel

2019 | Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering
P.D. Enrique, H. Al Momani, C. DiGiovanni, Z. Jiao, K.R. Chan, N.Y. Zhou


Controlling mechanical properties of additively manufactured hastelloy X by altering solidification pattern during laser powder-bed fusion

2019 | Materials Science & Engineering A
A. Keshavarzkermani, R. Esmaeilizadeh, U. Ali, P.D. Enrique, Y. Mahmoodkhani, N.Y. Zhou, A. Bonakdar, E. Toyserkani


An investigation into the effect of process parameters on melt pool geometry, cell spacing, and grain refinement during laser powder bed fusion

2019 | Optics & Laser Technology
A. Keshavarzkermani, E. Marzbanrad, R. Esmaeilizadeh, Y. Mahmoodkhani, U. Ali, P.D. Enrique, N.Y. Zhou, A. Bonakdar, E. Toyserkani


Surface Modification of Binder-Jet Additive Manufactured Inconel 625 via Electrospark Deposition

2019 | Surface and Coatings Technology
P.D. Enrique, E. Marzbanrad, Y. Mahmoodkhani, Z. Jiao, E. Toyserkani, N.Y. Zhou

Post-print Published

Effect of Direct Aging on Heat Affected Zone and Tensile Properties of Electrospark Deposited Alloy 718

2019 | Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A
P.D. Enrique, Z. Jiao, N.Y. Zhou

Post-print Published

Concurrent Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Contaminants and Photocathodic Protection of Steel Ag - TiO2 Composites

2018 | Materialia
R. Liang, O.M. Schneider, N. Lun, P.D. Enrique, D.C. Saha, L.C.M. Li Chun Fong, I. Jaciw-Zurakowsky, M.R. Servos, P. Peng, N.Y. Zhou


In Situ Formation of Metal Matrix Composites using Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

2018 | Materials Letters
P.D. Enrique, Y. Mahmoodkhani, E. Marzbanrad, E. Toyserkani, N.Y. Zhou

Post-print Published

Effect of Microstructure on Tensile Properties of Electrospark Deposition Repaired Ni-superalloy

2018 | Materials Science & Engineering A
P.D. Enrique, Z. Jiao, N.Y. Zhou, E. Toyserkani

Post-print Published

Dendritic Coarsening Model for Rapid Solidification of Ni-superalloy via Electrospark Deposition

2018 | Journal of Materials Processing Technology
P.D. Enrique, Z. Jiao, N.Y. Zhou, E. Toyserkani

Post-print Published


NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships-Doctoral Program

2019 - 2021

Norman Esch Entrepreneurship Award


NSERC Industrial Undergraduate Student Research Awards (3)

2015 - 2016

Talks and Poster Presentations

Repair of Inconel 718 with Electrospark Deposition

2019 | 16th International Forum on Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

Binder-jet additive manufactured metal matrix composites made by reactive sintering post processing

2019 | NSERC HI-AM

Topology optimized wind turbine blades using sustainable biomaterials

2019 | RAPID + TCT 2019, SME Digital Manufacturing Challenge

Repair of additive manufactured products by electro-Spark deposition

2019 | Manufacturing and Materials Joining Innovation Center

Low energy welding for Ni-based superalloy repair in aerospace applications

2018 | Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute ASTRO'18

Electrospark Deposition Repair of Ni-superalloy Components in Aerospace Applications

2018 | TraCLight Transatlantic Conference


7 | Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

3 | Materials & Design

1 | Surface and Coatings Technology